Already well established in women's outfits, raffia is also making a place for itself in the men's wardrobe. If you still hesitate to succumb to this fashion, let us convince you!

1- the style

The most important thing when it comes to choosing a pair of shoes is its style. With the raffia shoes for men you can't go wrong! Combining a modern and casual look, handmade raffia shoes will be the perfect element to make you stand out. One thing is certain with models like Powerful Allies ou Original Touch you are bound to find a model of woven raffia shoes that suits you.

2- comfort

It's good to have style, but comfort should not be neglected. Again you can be confident in the Moroccan style shoes. With a material like raffia your feet will be like on a cloud. The raffia adapts to the shape of the foot but also allows the foot to breathe which offers you comfort when walking and prevents sweating problems.

3- Our little extra

Now that you are convinced of the benefits of handmade raffia shoes, let us explain why Minalmadi's shoes are the ones for you. In addition to offering a unique style and optimal comfort, Minalmadi woven raffia shoes have a plus. These are shoes that promote values ​​that are essential nowadays. Our shoes respect the environment. In fact, they are mainly composed of natural products and do not have plastic in their composition.

In addition to saving the planet, these are shoes that have a social commitment. All our pairs are made by Moroccan women's cooperatives. This initiative allows them to emancipate themselves and gain even more independence.

So why are you still hesitating? Go to our site and buy a pair that will perfect your modern man look.