You see it every summer and love it, but do you really know what raffia is? Let us explain.

Where is he from ?

Raffia refers to both the palm tree and the fiber that is extracted from it. As astonishing as it may seem, raffia does not come from the Maghreb but comes from Madagascar. This palm can produce plants up to 20m tall, a record for a palm tree!

How is it made?

The long leaves of the palm tree are dried in the sun and then cut into thin strips. These thin strips that will then be rolled up in coils to form the raffia that we love so much.

Its different uses?

Raffia can be used in many areas, cooking, gardening, insulation or furniture polishing. But what interests us is its use in fashion. This fiber has characteristics that give it incredible comfort and resistance. That's why we decided to use this material to make our woven raffia shoes. 

Our collection of Moroccan raffia shoes would not be what it is without this miracle material. Our raffia shoes for women enjoy incredible walking comfort thanks to the raffia.

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In addition, our handmade raffia shoes have a summery and casual design thanks to the colors and shapes that the raffia can take.

Now that you know everything about raffia, do not hesitate any longer and go to our site to order a pair of Moroccan raffia sandals!