You probably already know Minalmadi, and even if you don't, let us tell you how this whole adventure full of values ​​was born. How did these handcrafted raffia shoes come into being? Let us tell you the story of Nawel!

Nawel, after brilliant studies, began his life in the professional world of defense. While she leads a life that many could envy her she feels deep inside her a malaise, a question that every day occupies a little more space in her mind, does this life fill me with happiness?

This question became an obsession. An obsession that drove her to go all out and set off alone on a world tour during which she worked for many companies. But much more than a trip around the world for work, this trip around the world allowed her to make great encounters that changed her life.

Unfortunately even the best things come to an end and this adventure was stopped when Nawel fell ill and had to return to Morocco with his parents. But don't worry, the end of this adventure signals the beginning of a new one. During his stay in Morocco, an illness that impacted the world forced him to extend his stay. She therefore decided to go to the south of Morocco, which was still little affected by the Covid.

Once there it was love at first sight! A huge slap! She discovered a region that welcomed her with open arms. She became acquainted with artisans who made shoes from woven raffia. Unfortunately this region has not been economically spared by the Covid. She then decided to use everything she had learned during her studies and her trip around the world to help them. 

She said Minalmadi, “from the past” in Arabic. This initiative allowed artisans to sell their raffia sandals for women to customers around the world. This budding love affair between Nawel and handcrafted raffia shoes allowed these artisans to survive during this crisis, but above all, to give this meaning to the life of Nawel that she had sought so much. The puzzle of his happiness was now complete.

Here you know the whole story! Do not hesitate to add your stone to the building and continue this beautiful adventure by going to take a look at our raffia sandals for women on our site.