You already love our Moroccan raffia sandals but do you know how we get there? Let us explain.


Before talking about manufacturing, we must talk about the raw material of our woven raffia shoes, raffia. Raffia is made from a palm tree originally from Madagascar. The long leaves of the palm tree are dried in the sun and then cut into thin strips. These thin strips that will then be rolled up in coils to form the raffia that we love so much.


The next and most important step is weaving. To make our raffia shoes for women, we call on Moroccan women's cooperatives. They perpetuate ancestral know-how through the manufacture of these handmade raffia shoes. On average, weaving a classic pair takes a whole day's work. But for some more complex models the manufacturing time is greatly extended due to the thoroughness of the work required.


Once the raffia is woven, all that remains is to assemble it to the sole to obtain a pair of Moroccan raffia sandals. The manufacture of the sole is also important because, combined with raffia, it provides incomparable comfort.

All these steps require know-how and great thoroughness, which makes each of our pair of woven raffia shoes unique. If you too want to own an exceptional handcrafted piece, visit our site to discover our collection.