Each summer raffia has more and more the coast. This is why it is essential to have a pair of raffia sandals for women in your dressing room. But you are probably wondering what to wear with it? Let us help you.

The dress

Raffia is perfect for all lovers of summer and spring outfits. It is for this reason that you can bet on floral dresses to match your woven raffia shoes. They can also be worn with long flowing dresses which are very fashionable this summer. 

  • Our advice: The Dunes will go perfectly with this type of dress.


If you prefer pants, handmade raffia shoes will also go very well with jeans. Loose or tighter, it's up to you to choose your style. White linen pants will give a bohemian style that will go perfectly with a pair of raffia sandals for women.

  • Our advice: derbies will fit this look perfectly.


Already back in fashion for a few summers, the fluid shirt is also a piece that will adapt to Moroccan-style shoes. Flowery, striped, uniform, a multitude of possibilities are available to you, it all depends on your desires.

  • Our advice: Comfy Heaven will offer you comfort and flawless matching with a casual look.

Now that you have some outfit ideas in mind, all you have to do is fall for one of our pairs of woven raffia shoes. Do not hesitate to share your looks with us on Instagram @minalmadi_.