Nowadays many social issues are in the foreground. The environment, the cause of women… but what about these issues on a daily basis, how can things be changed? Change your consumption pattern? Yes, this is a good start. Let us introduce you to the Minalmadi shoes.

Respect the environment

The choice of materials for our woven raffia shoes is carefully considered to respect the environment as much as possible. Indeed, our Moroccan raffia sandals do not have plastic, the choice of raffia was made because it is a 100% natural material.

Women power

In addition to respecting the environment, our raffia sandals for women are committed to the cause of women. We call on Moroccan women's cooperatives. Most of the time this activity is their only source of income and independence. We try to offer them a platform on which they can offer their handcrafted raffia shoes in order to maintain their independence and be able to emancipate themselves. 

Support during covid

In normal times this ancestral know-how can survive thanks to tourism. But in times of covid this whole economy is disrupted. We offer a platform to artisans so that they can continue to make a living from their activity by selling Moroccan-style shoes. In addition, we are the platform that pays the most to artisans, on average we donate 20 to 50% more income than competing platforms.

In addition to these commitments, our raffia sandals for women have a design that is sure to make you fall in love. So do not hesitate!