As summer is in full swing, the question that is on everyone's mind “what shoes will I wear this summer?”. 

To be fashionable, not to sweat, to have comfort, to buy responsibly: the choice is not easy! 

We in Minalmadi have the answer, raffia shoes! 

Let us explain why ...

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1- Superior quality

  • The subjects: the choice of our materials, both leather and raffia, is designed to allow maximum comfort. 
  • Soles: some of our insoles are designed to best adapt to the shape of the foot, approaching the comfort of orthopedic insoles. 
  • Comfort: raffia is a material which adapts to the shape of the foot and which allows the foot to breathe, thus avoiding any problem related to perspiration. 

2- An environmental commitment

  • Natural materials: all our products are made from mainly natural materials including packaging.
  • Inspired by nature: all our collections of handmade raffia shoes are based on our values. Our first collection was inspired by elements of nature with models like The Dunes or even Desert Breeze.

3- A social commitment

  • Women power: we strive to promote Moroccan women's cooperatives that perpetuate this ancestral know-how. Most of the time this activity is their only source of income and independence. We try to offer them a platform on which they can offer their Moroccan raffia sandals in order to keep their independence and be able to emancipate themselves. 
  • Fairtrade: moreover, we are the platform that pays the most to artisans, on average we donate 20 to 30% more income than competing platforms.
  • Support: in these times of covid it is difficult for countries living off tourism to survive. We offer a platform to artisans so that they can continue to make a living from their activity.

Now that you have all the keys in hand, go ahead! Go to our site to discover our superb collection of Moroccan raffia shoes and sandals! There is something for all styles! Both raffia shoes for men and raffia shoes for women! Good shopping !